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What does Outsource do for you?

Our Purpose

We exist to provide employers with sustainable workplace solutions with the necessary integrity and skill.

Our Values





Business Objective

To provide workplace solutions with integrity

Outsource provides a holistic all-encompassing solution to workplace challenges. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Functional outsourcing
  • TES (Temporary Employment Service)
  • Scheduling of staffing levels
  • Industrial relations interventions 
  • Recruitment
  • Payroll
  • SCAB or Replacement labour
  • Training and job performance evaluation
  • Human resource outsourcing

Our Services

Functional Outsourcing

An employer may outsource a part, or an entire business process (‘bpo’)/function to Outsource.


This translates to:

  • An employer identifying a function or process to be holistically outsourced.
  • Outsource recruits all relevant employees to perform such process/function.
  • All employees employed by Outsource i.t.o. relevant contracts of employment.
  • Outsource is responsible for all HR and industrial relations-related issues/interventions.
  • Outsource, as an independent employer is accountable for compliance with all relevant employment law.
  • Outsource manages related employment issues, such as:
    1. work attendance.
    2. misconduct.
    3. medical incapacity.
    4. performance management.
    5. leave cycles.
  • Outsource effects payment to its employees by way of its internal payroll-administration
  • In order to achieve this, Outsource:
    1. Appoints designated consultants and line managers.
    2. Is assisted by designated labour law attorneys.
  • Outsource provides an ‘end-to-end’ business solution to employers.
  • The automated scheduling of employees i.t.o. the operational needs of an employer, by way of a roster, and facilitated by specifically designed software: ‘Ticker’.




Human Resources Functional Outsourcing

Outsource can facilitate the effective outsourcing of any given client’s human resource’s function, or part thereof;

A specific tailor-made service level agreement governs this relationship and may include all or any of the following: 

  • Defining certain job descriptions and/or job profiling;
  • Recruitment and selection of employees;
  • The drafting of specific contracts of employment; Induction and probation;
  • Compliance with relevant employment law inclusive of the provisions of the Employment Equity Act and liaising with the Department of Labour;
  • Performance management;
  • Skills Development
  • Compliance with the provisions of the Labour Relations Act in terms of Schedule 8 with reference to misconduct, poor work performance, ill health or injury;
  • All leave administration as defined in terms of the provisions of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.




Temporary Employment Services

An employer may appoint Outsource to perform the role of a TES, pursuant to the provisions of the LRA. Essentially this means:

  • Depending on the particular operational needs of your workplace, Outsource may act as a temporary employment service, consistent with the provisions of the Labour Relations Act.
  • Outsource, accordingly, shall provide an effective staff solution to your workplace and, enters into particular contracts of employment with its own employees, whilst, such employees will fulfil their respective employment obligations within your designated workplace.




Outsource specialises in the recruitment arena over a vast range of job vacancies.

  • Outsource recruits and selects from appropriate job seekers in order to fulfil its internal requirements as a functional outsource or as an appointed TES.
  • Outsource accepts mandates from a wide range of employers, i.t.o. minimum requirements and competencies. As a recruitment best practise Outsource ensures: 
    1. Proper and extensive CV-canvassing.
    2. Personal interviews.
    3. Detailed reference verification.
    4. Any requested special test.
    5. Purposeful shortlisting of candidates.




Industrial Relations

  • All LABOUR RELATIONS ISSUES are properly facilitated and executed by Outsource for all Outsource employees, within a client’s designated workplace.
  • FOR EXAMPLE: All relevant disciplinary procedures, inclusive of dismissals pertaining to misconduct, are facilitated by Outsource and not the client and, all subsequent appearances at the CCMA (and/or relevant Bargaining Council) are facilitated and attended on by Outsource, in light of the fact that Outsource remains the employer. Outsource, is assisted in all material respects by Van Zyl’s Incorporated, a labour law firm, pertaining to all aspects of industrial relations and/or human resources.


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